4 Easy Ways To Invite ‘Hygge’  Into Your Home  This Winter

4 Easy Ways To Invite ‘Hygge’ Into Your Home This Winter

As the winter chill descends, turn your focus to creating a comfortable, cosy and cuddle-friendly home. This is where the Danish concept of hygge (pronounced hue-gah) comes into play. Hygge means cosiness or comfort and is all about taking pleasure in the everyday things in life. We’ve identified four easy ways you can invite hygge into your home, using some of our favourite finds from Domayne.

1.  Make Time for Family Meals

Take a moment to slow down and enjoy a simple, home-cooked meal with family and friends. This is the easiest way to achieve that elusive work-life balance. The distinctive style of the Eton Dining Tableand Fabric Chairs will draw your eye, inviting you to take a seat and enjoy a satisfying dinner over lively conversation.


Fill your dining room with beautiful bouquets and fading winter foliage to add a sense of freshness to the space.

2.  Get Your Eight Hours Every Night

Your bedroom is your sanctuary – a personal haven where you can truly relax, switch off and zone out until your batteries are restored. Nurture this space and fill it with comforting textures, soothing colours and huggable, covetable bed linen, quilt covers and pillowcases. But before you do that, invest in a great quality bed that will feel like an indulgence to climb into, every day!

Some of our favourite beds include:

Hamptons Timber Bed with Leather Bed Head Insert
Spindle Timber Bed
Peony Bed Frame with Winged Bed Head
Brera Queen Bed Frame with Upholstered Bed Head


Our stylist, Danielle Hackney, loves the look of the four beds mentioned above:
“Charcoal and indigo, teamed with turmeric is a popular choice this season, and of course blush paired with soft grey and warm whites paired with ash-toned timber remain a classic choice.”

Sundays should be spent in bed, enjoying a hot cuppa with buttered toast, while flicking through magazines or Netflixing – all while cuddled under one of these quilt covers:

Night Garden Quilt Cover Set
Dream Time Quilt Cover Set
Honore Quilt Cover Set
Grace Quilt Cover Set


3.  Take the Light-Hearted Approach

Daylight-savings is long gone with the sun disappearing earlier each evening. The dull, dark and wet winter days can seem dreary without sunshine seeping in through the windows. Don’t despair though; make use of subtly-scented candles and gorgeous lamps and lanterns to imbue your home with a radiant glow.


Here are some of our favourites: Vintage Crystal Chandeliers, Dusty Lantern in Powder Pink, Hobnail Table Lamp in Rose Gold, Opulence Table Lamp in Silver

4.  Make Layering a Staple

Styling for winter should be all about layers. Start from the ground up, laying the foundation with a soft and stylish rug you’ll enjoy sinking your feet into. Then choose a plush sofa, such as our Hammar Modular Lounge in beautifully textured fabric upholstery. Pile your sofa with cushions in a muted, winter-inspired colourway. Cushions not only look good but give added support and warmth. And finally, drape the sofa arm with your favourite knitted throws.



The Hammar Modular is our stylist, Caitlin Melling’s, favourite pick for winter:
“I love this look. The moody blues and greys paired with light timber add a sense of calm and cosiness.”

Are you ready to start prepping your home for winter? Browse the Domayne Winter Launch catalogue for even more options and check out our furniture, bedding, bed linen and decorator items online or go to your nearest store and talk to the friendly Domayne team today.