A Whiter Shade Of Pale

So you love the pristine appeal of pure white furnishings but the mere thought of the maintenance involved in keeping your whites bright casts a foreboding black shadow? Fear not! Follow our tips to living in harmony with ivory:

Keeping Your White Sheets Bright

  • A Good Sort
    The golden rule of laundry. Never mix whites with coloured items and don’t combine heavyweight garments with delicates – but you already knew that, right? Once, you’ve sorted your clothes into separate piles, treat any spills and stubborn marks with a good quality stain remover prior to washing.
  • Ban the Bleach
    No matter how tempting, the use of chlorine bleach when laundering your whites is a definite no-no as the harsh chemicals will weaken the fibres of the linen.
  • 50 Shades of Grey?
    If your once brilliant whites have taken on a grey, grimy hue it’s time to give them a boost. Treat them to an overnight soak in an oxygen bleach detergent, then wash as usual. You can also increase the effectiveness of your regular laundry detergent by adding oxygen bleach to your whites load.
  • Here Comes the Sun
    Whenever possible, line-dry your white sheets as the sun’s rays act as a natural sanitizing and brightening agent.

Protect Your White Leather…

  • When it comes to protecting your leather furniture from stains and accidental damage, Domayne also offer Guardsman® 5 year leather protection warranty kit.
  • This comprehensive maintenance and care kit consists of: 250ml Leather Cleaner, 250ml Leather Protector, 20ml Ink Remover, leather cleaner sponge, leather protector application cloth, dusting cloth, warranty booklet and care guide DVD.

…And Keep Your Upholstery Spotless with Guardsman

  • Keep that exquisitely upholstered white fabric sofa fresh and clean with the Guardsman 5 year Protection Plus fabric protection warranty. Ensuring complete peace of mind, the warranty covers: All stains, human & pet bodily fluid, accidental damage, 1x surface pet damage claim (exclusive to Domayne).
  • If the furniture is stained or accidentally damaged and cannot be cleaned or repaired using Guardsman’s recommended products, Guardsman will arrange for a professional technician to service the affected area at no cost to the customer. In fact, Guardsman will service the customer’s furniture under the terms of the warranty, for an unlimited number of times over the 5 year period.
  • If a stain or damage cannot be removed or repaired, the affected area will be replaced at no charge to the consumer. If the fabric is no longer available a suitable match will be sourced and offered to the customer. If the customer isn’t satisfied with the match at Guardsman’s sole discretion a refund of the warranty, or replacement may be offered, at the original invoice price.
  • If there is a problem with colour, pattern match variation or availability or reasonably acceptable match is not possible Guardsman‘s obligation at their discretion will be to offer the customer a full refund of the warranty cost.
  • If a repair is undertaken under the warranty, the warranty coverage will continue for the remainder of the warranty period (exclusive to Domayne).