Awaken Your Decor With An Orange Infusion


We all know that home is where the heart is…but has yours lost that lovin’ feeling? If so, evoke a sunny, welcoming vibe throughout your abode with striking pops of captivating orange.


Lounge Room
If you’re looking to take your living room decor to a daring new level with a dramatic yet sophisticated look, create a fashionable focal point with a beautiful sofa in a flamboyant tangerine tone. Its a good idea to reinforce the look with candles, artwork or a pendant light in a similar hue.
For those who prefer a low-key approach, bring a subtle warmth to the space with a measured selection of accent pieces. Vibrant orange-hued accessories in the form of lamps, vases, frames, cushions, stools, throws or bowls are a fabulous way to refresh and energize a room without heightening the intensity.
Be inspired by nature’s beauty for another great way to enhance your colour scheme. Fresh flowers in brilliant shades of papaya (try the exotic Bird of Paradise or a gorgeous bunch of Gerberas) make for an inexpensive and feel-good way to incorporate colour into the lounge room.


Bring new meaning to the term ‘rise-and-shine’ with high-impact pops of orange to create an inviting, cheery bedroom. For a no-holds-barred statement, nothing beats a fabulous feature wall decorated with white-framed photos and prints for a light and fresh finish.
If a feature wall isn’t your cup of tea, make your bed the ‘hero’ item by layering crisp white sheets with a patterned quilt cover resplendent in rich mango hues. Want to enhance the look further? Showcase a stylish selection of turquoise or teal accent accessories, such as throws, vases, frames or scatter cushions. Turquoise sits opposite orange on the colour wheel and provides an engaging and complimentary balance.

Sprucing up junior’s bedroom? Encourage the kids to get creative (a little messy, too) and create their own mandarin-coloured masterpiece for their room with a large blank canvas, some acrylic paint and lashings of imagination.
Another playful way to add a splash of sunshine into your child’s bedroom is with kids furniture. Whether you go for an attention-grabbing orange bunk bed or a sleek white bedroom suite with stylish orange accents – tangerine-coloured furniture will instantly define and revitalise the space.


Known for its stimulating properties and for promoting creativity, orange is the go-to hue for decorating a home office space that really works.
Go for a five minute mood-enhancing makeover simply by updating your workstation with a zesty orange office chair and a modern desk lamp. If you’re peachy keen –  liven up the walls with a lick of paint,  a pumpkin-coloured inspiration board or a funky orange wall sticker.