Colour Focus: Jewel Tones

Our Top 5 Jewel Pieces:

1) ‘Florence’ Queen Bedframe  2) ‘Jewel’ Lamp Red  3) ‘Tully’ Cushion in Citrus

4) ‘Garrafa’ Large Green Vase  5) ‘Tiffany’ 3-Seater Lounge

With names like Amethyst, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Garnet and Citrine, these hues have the power to make you feel wealthy and sophisticated.

On a neutral base these rich colours illuminate and warm the home.

Achieve the look by featuring a statement piece of furniture in a bold jewel colour.
If the budget doesn’t allow for such a dramatic change, then accents of jewel tones in your accessories such as pillows, bed linen, lamps, rugs or vases is the way to go.