Colour Focus: White Hot

White defies time and keeps its well-earned place as a key look for Spring/Summer. White is huge on the runways and, let’s face it, you just can’t go wrong when decorating with this crisp, classic hue. White brightens a room and is great for creating the illusion that a small space is larger than it actually is. It highlights everything around it and best of all can suit any taste or style, whether yours is traditional, modern or somewhere in between.

Top Tip: Warm whites soften areas and add a sense of comfort, while bright white gives modern, minimalistic spaces that extra sharp zing.

5 Cool Ways To Use white:
1. All White, Everywhere! Simple, clean and refreshing, but always remember – high maintenance!
2. Bed Linen Only. Just like your favourite hotel, all-white linen feels fresh, crisp and clean to sleep between.
3. Create Contrast. Do you have a feature wall or wallpaper? A white accent piece will provide a striking feature against the colour.
4. Accessorise for Added Impact. A few white accessories will brighten up a whole space. Think classic white dinnerware, a simple white cake stand to show off your latest creation, white mats surrounding your favourite photos or artwork, or a classic pair of white lamps.
5. Take It Outside. Turn your outdoor space into a relaxed Hamptons retreat with a long white dining table, or update your existing setting with new white chairs.

1. ‘Gabor’ Chandelier 2. ‘Eden’ Bedframe 3. ‘French Bulldog’ Money Box 4. ‘Regatta’ Waffle Blanket 5. ‘Sherwood’ Sofa 6. ‘Olivia’ Dining Chair