Daydream Believing: Domayne’s New Kids’ Collection

Daydream Believing: Domayne’s New Kids’ Collection

Psst…have you heard the word on the street? Domayne’s bright, brilliant and brand-tastic new Kids’ Collection catalogue is out now. Here we chat to our own Bedding Product and Marketing Manager, Fiona Tedesco, about the latest in junior bedroom furniture, her favourite shots from the catalogue as well as her dream room picks and inspired styling tricks.


Delicate pink blossoms create a pretty backdrop for the ‘Morgan’ Single Bed with Slats.

Complete this sentence: A child’s bedroom… should be fun and reflect their current interests but should also be tranquil enough for them to settle into at bedtime.

Tell us about the latest colour palettes featured in the Domayne Junior Kids’ Collection.
Pastels are coming through this season and brights are also still around but they’re mostly being showcased as accents. The beauty with kids’ rooms is that pastels and brights can work together.


Starlight, star bright…two beautiful ballerinas dressed in clouds of dreamy tulle set the scene for the elegant ‘Amore’ Bed.

What are your favourite scenes in the catalogue?
First up, I’d have to say the ‘Amore’ concept (pictured above) is a particular favourite of mine. This is just such a sweet shot of the ‘Amore’ bed; the two ballerinas look absolutely gorgeous and the overall effect is simply magical. Another shot that I really love is the one featuring our ‘My Place’ bunk in mint (shown below) – this story reinforces the idea that pastels and brights tie in beautifully together.

Can you share the ideas behind some of the clever concepts depicted in the catalogue?
We always have themed rooms when planning a shoot. I have two little girls of my own, so I have quite a bit of insight into the many phases that kids go through! From fashion, popular fads and longed-for pets to trivial behaviour such as wanting to take an umbrella everywhere they go (even though it’s not raining – see the shot below), kids’ interests can be fleeting. The beauty of homewares, cushions and bed linen is that you can easily change the theme of a bedroom without too much cost!


Raindrops keep falling on my head…this novel rainy day theme is a fanciful accompaniment to the funky ‘My Place’ Single Bunk Bed.

What are the pros and cons of shooting these types of catalogues?
I always find that seeing the full day’s worth of shots but only being able to choose a handful of those is one of the most challenging but fun things! I love seeing the progress of the shoot unfolding before my eyes – initially you tend to see the shy nature of these gorgeous little models and then slowly but surely they gain confidence and come to life as the shoot goes on. I also enjoy seeing them immerse themselves in the character of the story we’ve selected for the theme. Priceless!

Fashion and functionality combine in many of this season’s pieces. What do you think are the stand-out storage solutions on offer for kids?
Good question! I think as a parent you’re always looking for ways to store toys and books. The obvious options we offer at Domayne are the ‘Charlie’ suite (pictured below) and the lovely ‘Cargo’ storage boxes. If possible, slide baskets or boxes under the bed that separate toys and treasures. We have a stunning range of storage that’s practical and fun this season. Another fabulous storage option is the amazing ‘ABC’ chest, which I have in my daughter’s room. Sure, it’s not the latest piece in the range but my daughter loves using all the little drawers for her beloved bits and pieces  –  and I love it because it helps keep the place tidy!


Maximising the use of available space is child’s play with the innovative ‘Charlie’ Single Bedroom Suite complete with LOTS of storage.

When it comes to choosing the right bed for a child, what should parents should take into consideration?
1.Choose a bed that’s age appropriate. For example, if it’s a young child, choose something safe and low to the ground with rounded edges and without holes or openings where their head and limbs can get stuck. For more tips, use this link for cot to bed safety.

2. Try to choose a colour that you know you’ll be able to work with (and won’t get sick of) for at least a few years – it doesn’t have to be the latest colour.

3. My top tip for parents is not to let the selection process get out of hand with your child. Go shopping by yourself first, narrow down your preferences and then let your child choose from the pre-selection list. It gives them the feeling that they have selected but you also have a piece of furniture that works with the existing space, decor and satisfies those countless practicalities that a child would not take into consideration.

Can you share some styling secrets for those budding decorators looking to add a personal touch to their child’s bedroom?
You can get quite crafty with kids’ bedrooms. Using the letters of their names to make something for their room always pleases them – it’s a great idea  if you have one wall you’re just not sure what to do with. Create a little reading nook with a small chair, cushions or a bean bag and above it you can either use paper (for renters) or paint straight onto the wall – maybe a big love heart, cloud or star with their name or initials. They’ll think of this place as their special spot to sit and read a book pre-bedtime – it’s a simple and inexpensive decoration that you can change regularly depending on what things they like at the time.

Which five Domayne kids’ pieces are on your wish list for your children’s bedrooms?
1. Big Spot’ Rug in Yellow by Aura. It’s bold and fun for a kid’s room.

2. Shannon Fricke’s range of bedlinen. I already have all of last season’s collection – with two little girls, I just love it! The linen is soft, fun and pretty. This season I’m coveting the POM POM quilt cover.

3. ‘My Place’ Bunk in Mint. I’ve actually just bought this for one of my little girls. I ‘m lucky to have the luxury of my girls each having their own room but when we have guests over the girls share.Tthis bunk is very low to the ground so it always feels like a safe option – the smaller children that play at our place find it hard to get onto the top bunk as the entry to the bunk is quite high. It’s ideal as the big kids can climb to the top while the little ones play in the bottom like a cubby house.

4. ‘Danish’ Floor Lamp. This lamp doesn’t take up a lot of room and sits in the corner out of harm’s way. Just add a low watt globe for a nice night light for them to go off to sleep.

5. ‘Casa’ Tissue Box. These little tissue boxes in the shape of houses are a must-have – they’re super cute!

For more of our gorgeous kids bedroom furniture range, shop online or head to your local Domayne store today.