Discover Fabric Options – A Buyer’s Guide.

Introducing…an inspiring world of fabric options where you can explore your individuality and express your true colours with our extensive collection of premium fabrics in myriad hues, patterns, grades and textures.

Drawing on the luxurious tactile elements, exquisite prints and vivid colours showcased in our huge in-store fabric libraries, channel your creative skills and refresh your home decor with unique pieces that reflect your personal style.

Discover high quality fabrics from leading suppliers such as Warwick, Zepel, Wortley and Profile and rest assured that your furnishings are dressed in the very best.

Material Matters

Catering for all budgets, decors and lifestyles, we offer a vast range of fabric textures and grades as well as a superb selection of Australian-Made fabrics – all of which can be viewed upon visiting our comprehensive in-store fabric libraries. Exquisitely handcrafted by professional upholsterers and showcasing meticulous attention to detail, each and every customised piece firmly reflects our dedication to quality, value and traditional craftsmanship.

Beds and lounge suites are the go-to relaxation stations in every home, but when it comes to choosing upholstery for either it’s easy to feel out of your comfort zone! That’s why our experienced salespeople are on hand to guide you through the process of customising a stunning bespoke bedhead or expertly tailored sofa from a vast range of fabric grades, textures, prints and colours.

Generally the most utilised item of furniture by all household occupants, the humble sofa is expected to withstand the wear and tear, spills and stains that come with everyday use. That’s why we recommend a textured, commercial-grade fabric that will stand the test of time. From there, why not indulge your creative side by adding your own unique touches.

Coordinating piping is a novel way to pick up a colour in the living room, provide an eye-catching contrast or to add a subtly elegant feature. Try an embroidered fabric to create an accent chair or cushion that embodies your signature style. Or for a fashion statement, combine several coordinating fabrics and textures for a truly unique suite. Keep in mind that large-scale patterns and embroidered upholstery often work best when confined to smaller areas while simple prints, plain textures or classic stripes are a popular choice for larger surfaces.

It’s not just lounges that can be dressed to impress. Update your bedroom with a bedhead or bed frame that epitomises your decorating philosophy. Add an element of luxury with velvet, explore your love of the finer things with ornate embroidery, choose jacquard for a sophisticated touch or go with cotton for classic appeal… express yourself and have fun creating a look that’s entirely your own.

Slip-On Style

Practical and versatile, our tailored sofa slip covers are a simple way to transform the look of your living space. Plus, they’re the natural choice for those high traffic areas that see lots of action from young kids, pets or both!

Discover ‘Slip’ cover bedheads and instantly refresh your bedroom. Ranging from single up to king bed size, our chic ‘SLIP’ bedheads are available in any fabric and colour of your choice. The bedhead covers effortlessly slip on and off for ease of laundering and are sold separately so that you have the freedom to change your look in keeping with the latest trends and seasons.

Be inspired by our standard ‘SLIP’ Bedhead range showcasing Warwick Fabrics. Left to right: ‘Toto’ Slip Bedhead Cover‘Aruba’ Slip Bedhead Cover, ‘Annais’ Slip Bedhead Cover.

Protect Your Investment with Guardsman

Once you’ve gone to all the hard work of selecting the sofa or bedhead that perfectly suits your style, it’s time to think about protecting your upholstery and keeping it fresh with a dedicated fabric protection warranty. Don’t risk ruining your upholstery with spills and stains, try the Guardsman 5 year Protection Plus fabric protection warranty for complete peace of mind.