Experience Cloud Nine Comfort with Tempur®


FOUND! The perfect night’s sleep.
Unlike any other mattress you’ve tried before, a TEMPUR® mattress is crafted from a unique pressure-absorbing material that conforms to your body, providing a feeling of comfort and weightlessness. TEMPUR®’s innovative temperature-sensitive properties relieve the discomfort of back, neck and joint pain by redistributing pressure and providing support where your body needs it most.

TEMPUR® Mattresses
No more tossing and turning! TEMPUR® is the perfect fit for every body shape because it conforms to and supports your body’s most comfortable sleeping position.
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For a match made in sleep heaven, combine your TEMPUR® mattress with a quality TEMPUR® bed base to reap the full benefits of a TEMPUR® night’s sleep. Head in to your local Domayne store and browse our comprehensive range of adjustable bed bases, flat bed bases, headboards, base drawers and base legs today.

tempur pillows

TEMPUR® Pillows
The temperature sensitive benefits of TEMPUR® pillows respond to your body temperature by moulding to and cradling your head and neck – delivering gentle support and optimal comfort. No matter if you’re a front, back or side sleeper or whether your prefer a soft, firm or long body pillow – the TEMPUR® range of pillows has the ultimate model for every kind of body.

TEMPUR® Accessories
Rest easy knowing that you can take the superior comfort of TEMPUR® with you no matter where you roam!  Whether it’s a quick car trip or a long-haul flight, take your home comforts with you with TEMPUR’s collection of sleep masks, travel pillows and more.