Glen Proebstel on Styling Your Home for Winter

glenheadshotAs creative visionary behind Domayne’s winter launch catalogue, prominent Australian and now NYC-based stylist Glen Proebstel is our all-time favourite style insider. In our second interview of the season with Glen, he  generously shares his expertise on decorating your home in readiness for the frosty nights ahead - and outlines his own Domayne winter wish list.


Can you share your tips for creating warmth and maximising comfort in the home this winter?

Add Layers of LuxuryI surround myself with woollen blankets and throws. I’ve even taken the liberty of purchasing a variety of sheepskins of various earthy colours and tones that feel fabulous under foot, or even on the bed!
Go for a Golden GlowIt’s all about ambience. Yes, you may have the heater up full tilt but nothing makes you feel cosier than ambient lighting at night. Switch off your down-lights and opt for table and floor lamps to add a soft glow to the environment.
Create Drama with Drapes – Curtains are often considered passé, however they are there for a reason. Not only to block out harsh light in summer, but also to assist with insulating a room in the colder months. Opt for large drapes of linen for maximum style and maximum effect.


What are some of the trending looks for bedrooms?

Bedrooms are often the least considered room in a home. They are often left last as most of the focus is given to the living spaces, understandably. With the introduction of new textiles from the Florence Broadhurst collection (pictured below) you can now make a bold statement with an upholstered bed frame. The ‘Prato’ Bed Frame (pictured above) is a particular favourite. The indigo coloured lattice pattern applied to this textile lends itself to a sophisticated style when paired with the grand scale of the bed frame. Your bedroom should be a place of respite and rest so look to create a space where you want to come home to.


Finally, what are your top three winter wish-list pieces?

1. Bordeaux’  Bedhead.
I’ve just moved into a new apartment and tend to prefer bedheads over full bed frame, especially as I have a king size bed. This would sit nicely behind my bed and matches the colour of the wall, adding a touch of texture. Also, I like to sit in bed at night surrounded by the plethora of ‘i’ devices and having a padded bed head I find rather appealing!

2. ‘Jersey’ Sofa from Molmic.
When this piece turned up to the studio, I was taken aback not only by its gorgeous style and finishing details but the fact that it was extremely comfortable. I’m a bit of a lush and I do love to lie out on my sofa, so this fits the bill.

3. ‘Letoile’ 9-Drawer Dresser.
Storage is always an issue, no matter what size home you have. I’m also in the market for a chest of drawers to keep things organised and tidy. At present the ‘valet’ chair in my bedroom tends to house all my clothes at the end of the day so it would be advisable to have keep things together in a ‘Letoile’ dresser. Elegant style with a practical purpose – my favourite!