Home Chic 2017:  Hygge Up For Winter

Home Chic 2017: Hygge Up For Winter

Taking inspiration from the Danish concept of hygge (pronounced hue-gah), the talented team at Home Beautiful magazine have used the gorgeous range of lounges, dining furniture and beds as well as bed linen and decorator pieces available at Domayne to bring the Home Chic 2017 magazine feature to life. It’s full of cosy inspiration to help you transform your home into an inviting haven over the cool winter months.

“Hygge is a Danish term that simply means cosiness. It’s the recognition and treasuring of the simple moments in life, enjoying togetherness with the people who matter.” – Wendy Moore, General Manager of Home and Food, Pacific Magazines.


Wendy says: “The peaceful sentiment of hygge is a backlash to the chaos and intensity of everyday life, so it is no surprise that the Danes are some of the happiest people on earth.”

Wendy emphasises the fact that while the sentiment of hygge could easily be lived all year round, the chilly winter months will offer some of the best hygge moments.


Wendy’s favourite look from the Home Chic range is the pretty-in-pink Peony Queen Bed.

“The shape of the winged bed head makes me want to don woollen bed socks, make a hot milk drink in the mug my daughter made at school, grab a new magazine and jump in, having the wings embrace me while my legs are tucked under layers and layers of bed linen. And a throw – always a throw!”


Wendy says that if you’re from a large and lively family – much like hers – and you love feasting with friends, then the Ayers Dining Table is for you.

“You’ll love the robust Australian made Ayers dining table with the Windsor chairs in black. This would certainly set the scene for many a memorable night where conversation flows freely and you stop and appreciate things that are special in your life. As seen in the image above, it’s not a three course dinner party, it’s hot soup – more talking, less cooking.”


Galloway Fabric Sofa.


Spindle Queen Bed

When we asked Wendy how we could incorporate hygge into our homes, she answered:
“It can be as simple as black and white family photographs, textured soft throws, beeswax candles, comfortable cushions, earthy pottery, large fibre floor rugs and natural fabrics.”


Harlow Queen Bed.


Bolton Fabric Sofa.

Wendy reveals that while hygge isn’t characterised by a traditional look or colour scheme, neutrals form the basis to build upon.
“Soft beige, greys, creams and warm whites form the main colour palette, with furniture in natural timber featuring a simple and classic design being a good place to start.”


Pictured above, from left: Bianca Buffet, Mark Tuckey for Domayne Hall Table, Laren Buffet.

Wendy told us that she often gets asked by home interior lovers how to style a throw:
“With hygge, there is no style as such. Throws should be thrown just so and where they land is perfect. Mix them up, have them on your couches, armchairs, beds or even wrapped around your shoulders.”


Wendy says the one item you can’t overdo is the throw. Why not give these textured beauties from Domayne a go: Sheridan Haden Throw in Peat and Aura Waffle Throw in Flint.

Cushions are a great way to introduce colour and texture, and up the comfort ante in your home.


Pictured here: Victoria Aluminium Rocker, Stoney Cushion, Pleated Velvet Cushion, Aura Big Stripe Cushion, Heathcote Cushion.

Wendy encourages all interior lovers to make a conscious decision to keep comfortable and to surround yourselves with what matters to you:
“Create a room that says relaxation and calm.”


The Distrikt Queen Bed offers effortless elegance. Pair with layers of comforting linen and top with the Linen House Kew Throw. Tulip Pendant in light gold brass is the perfect metallic accent to raise the style quotient of your bedroom.



Brera Queen Bed.

Wendy goes on to say that we should aim to create an inviting area in our home that we gravitate towards with a hot chocolate in hand:
“Curl up with your family and friends, or simply on your own, with a book – never a smart phone – seeking to mindfully get every drop out of life.”


Kai Large Dining Table and Benches.


The Salt and Pepper marble-look and White House tableware range are both great for serving a shared platter that your nearest and dearest can linger over on lazy Sundays.

Now that you’re equipped with so many ideas on cosying up your home, check out our beautiful range online or go to your nearest Domayne store today.