How To Wrap Up Christmas

trythislifestyleFor gorgeous gifts that’ll have your loved ones totally rapt, try these simple yet stylish wrapping tips:

Double-Duty Decorations
treedecpresentUse your favourite Christmas tree decoration as a novel gift tag! Not only will it add an ornamental touch to the present, the recipient can add it to their own Christmas decoration collection.

Festive Fabrics
Put a little extra thought into your gift-wrapping and swathe that special something in a square of beautifully patterned fabric. Pick up a few samples down at your local haberdashery or use leftovers from your craft cupboard (or your Aunty’s). Adorn in a pretty velvet ribbon for a truly exquisite effect.

Back to Basics
burlapFavour the timeless elegance of a neutral theme? Burlap is on trend this season and can be alternately layered with brown paper for a natural, chic appeal. Finish with generous lengths of burlap and twine for a rustic look.

Beautiful Blooms
Top your wrapped gift with a fragrant cutting of fresh flowers for added interest and colour. For those organised souls who like to get their wrapping finished early, faux flowers make a thoughtful statement and won’t perish before the main event!

Chic Chalkboards
Eva Blackboard Clips
Channel your inner creative and replace those run-of-the-mill gift cards or gift stickers with a fabulous wooden decoration on which the recipient’s name can be written with chalk! After Christmas, these funky ‘Eva’ ornaments are a great keepsake which can be hung on their bedroom door or computer monitor.

Colour Your Christmas
Add a touch of class to your gift-wrapping endeavours by opting for a coloured theme. Simply choose your hue and find a range of different wrapping paper patterns in that particular colour. Pile the presents high under the tree for stunning effect!