Spring Sensation

Recipe and image courtesy of Gourmet Traveller

Positively bursting with fresh, full flavour, this tempting tart and accompanying salad is just the thing for a leisurely al fresco lunch.

French pea and spring onion tart

Preparation time: 40 mins
Cooking time: 50 mins (plus resting, cooling)
Serves 6-8

Eggwash, for brushing
400gm podded peas (about 850g unpodded)
30gm butter, coarsely chopped
6 spring onions, thinly sliced
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
½ baby cos, shredded
4 egg yolks
200gm crème fraîche
Finely grated rind of 1 lemon
1½ tbsp each finely chopped mint and flat-leaf parsley
30gm finely grated Gruyère

Crème fraîche pastry:
300gm (2 cups) plain flour
150gm chilled butter, coarsely choppe
200gm crème fraîche

Pea salad:
150gm podded peas (about 300gm unpodded)
100gm sugarsnap peas, halved lengthways
1 cup (loosely packed) pea tendrils
½ baby cos, coarsely torn
25ml lemon juice
1tsp Dijon mustard
3tsp crème fraîche
60ml (¼ cup) olive oil

1. For crème fraîche pastry, process flour, butter and 1 tsp sea salt in a food processor until fine crumbs form, add crème fraîche and process until pastry just comes together. Form into a disc, wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate to rest (1 hour).
2. Preheat oven to 180C. Roll out pastry on a floured surface to 3mm thick, line a 24cm-diameter tart tin, trim edges and refrigerate to rest (30 minutes). Prick base and blind bake until light golden (10-12 minutes). Remove paper and weights, bake until crisp (6-8 minutes), brush with eggwash, bake until glazed (2 minutes) and set aside.
3. Blanch peas until just tender (4-5 minutes; see cook’s notes p218), drain and set aside. Heat butter in a large frying pan over medium-high heat, add spring onion and garlic, stir occasionally until tender (4-5 minutes), add cos, stir until wilted, season to taste and set aside.
4 . Whisk yolks, crème fraîche and lemon rind in a bowl to combine and season to taste. Stir in peas, herbs and and lettuce mixture. Spoon into pastry case, spreading evenly, scatter with Gruyère, bake until golden and just set (15-20 minutes) and stand to cool for 15 minutes.
5. For salad, blanch peas until just tender (4-5 minutes), remove with a slotted spoon, refresh and drain. Blanch sugarsnap peas until just tender (2-3 minutes), drain, refresh and drain. Combine in a bowl with tendrils and cos. Whisk lemon juice, mustard and crème fraîche in a small bowl, whisk in oil and season to taste. Pour over pea mixture, toss to coat and serve with warm tart.

Wine suggestion: Floral Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc

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