Vintage-Inspired Kids’ Rooms


Conjure a sense of whimsy and wonder in your child’s bedroom with the latest trends in vintage chic decor, as seen in our gorgeous Kids In Style Domayne Junior Catalogue.

Inspired by our new junior collection of Homewares, Furniture and Bedding, we chatted to Sue Kropp (our fabulous Homewares Product Development Manager) about styling the vintage trend, and the dos and don’ts when decorating kids’ bedrooms.kidsvintage2

What’s the simplest way to create a vintage look in a child’s bedroom?

Vintage bedlinen, chandeliers, wallpaper and homewares are always the easiest way to introduce fashion into a bedroom.  Manchester would be the best starting point for achieving this look.  A design such as our Shannon Fricke’s ‘Flowers in the Field’ quilt cover is perfect for a girl’s room.  The ‘Ashton’ quilt cover set in blue or taupe provides a great starting point in a boy’s room. The wonderful thing about vintage styling is that it’s very mix-and-match - this makes it an easy trend in which to incorporate existing pieces.

What are the dreaded don’ts when decorating a kids room?

DON’T use wall colours that will date quickly. Often, it is best to use a neutral pallet and introduce key colours with homewares pieces such as prints and cushions.  Having a neutral base gives you the ability to do anything.

DON’T be too age specific. Try and keep the room age-appropriate but not so specific that it needs to be redone every 12 months..

From a practical point of view – what are the essentials for junior’s room?

Lots of storage space! Kids have lots of toys and books – make sure there’s ample room to keep them tidy. Beds with built-in storage underneath are ideal for small bedrooms.

Pinboards are great as they allow kids to showcase their favourite works of art - without destroying the walls!

A quality mattress, pillow and quilt are essential for growing bodies. Plus a good night’s sleep for junior means a good night’s sleep for Mum and Dad, too!

Evoke a nostalgic vibe in your child’s bedroom with some of these new season favourites:


Top row from left: ‘Shirley’ Lamp, Locker Box, ‘Le Cage’ Lamp
Bottom from left: ‘Sunday’ Bedside Table, ‘Crochet’ Cushion, ‘Spot’ Cushion, ‘Ornate’ Frame Double